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Chris Blessington

Chris Blessington

September 1, 2022

At Nautilus, we have a pretty audacious purpose: to positively impact the health and lives of millions around the world by providing ubiquitous access to the proteome. By making it possible for every lab, every researcher, and every clinician to access this groundbreaking frontier of science, we plan to enable important discoveries in biological research and healthcare.

If you’re reading this post, you may already know that the proteome is the full set of proteins in a biological sample and, since proteins drive most biological processes, it is the proteome that determines cellular identity and function in health and in disease. At Nautilus, we’re developing a novel platform that will provide a comprehensive look at the proteome. The platform will enable researchers and physicians to look far beyond the horizons of current technologies and bring the ever-changing proteome into full view. By revealing fluctuations in the proteome that can be linked to cellular function, health, and disease, our platform is designed to enable many new biotech applications across healthcare, agriculture, and more.

On this blog, we will share what we believe makes our platform, our leadership, and our team uniquely suited to probe the depths of the proteome. We aim to make the science behind our technologies accessible to the science-curious while giving the science-acquainted the resources they need to learn more. Along the way, we’ll share what motivates us in hopes of inspiring you to become a part of the coming proteomics revolution.

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