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Applications of Proteomics

Nautilus eBook – Proteomics and neuroscience

Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford

August 24, 2023

Learn how researchers advance the study of the brain and broader nervous system through the power of proteins

In this eBook, we celebrate some of the many ways neuroscientists have leveraged proteomics to advance neuroscience. We also highlight how next-generation proteomics technologies can enable current and future neuroscientists to effectively and efficiently elucidate the roles of proteins, pathways, and intercellular communication in developmental processes, organismal behaviors, and neurological disorders.

We hope this eBook will inspire current and future neuroscientists alike to use proteomics to advance our understanding of the mind, the body, and their connections. The complexities of neuroscience are daunting, but next-generation proteomics technologies can help researchers navigate that complexity to achieve truly impactful insights that could one day lead to cures for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and much more.

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