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Applications of Proteomics

White paper series: The proteomics revolution

Chris Blessington

Chris Blessington

December 2, 2022

With greater access to the treasure trove of data currently hidden in the depths of the proteome, researchers will be able to make incredible advances across all of healthcare. Below we provide four white papers that probe some of the many ways more complete knowledge of the proteome will enhance cancer therapies, accelerate basic research, fuel precision medicine, and improve all aspects of patient care. We hope these white papers will give you a more concrete understanding of the many ways the proteomics revolution – led by Nautilus’ innovative platform – will lead to a better future for healthcare.


Proteomics and the development of precision medicines against cancer

Learn how proteomics can drive the creation of precision medicines that more rapidly identify and treat the molecular causes of cancer.

“Proteomics should make it possible to more quickly identify the molecular causes of various types of cancer, stratify patients by disease severity to prioritize treatment, and improve clinical outcomes. As physicians and researchers use advanced proteomics technologies to catalog the proteomes of more and more cancers, they’ll be able to create new protein-based diagnostic tools, identify molecular targets for therapeutics, understand mechanisms of drug resistance, and monitor therapeutic effectiveness. With the wide availability of proteomics data, there’s a much brighter future in store for many cancer patients.”

Accelerating basic research with proteomics

Proteomics makes it possible for scientists to better understand the complexities of biology and create new therapeutics, biotechnologies, and metrics of human health.

“Proteomics gives us the ability to quickly grasp the full array of changes in protein abundance, form, and distribution that result from whatever biological interaction or stimulus one would like to study. This burgeoning field makes it possible to gather a ton of information on how cells react to one another and with their surroundings…. This will make it possible for scientists to better understand the complexities of biology and leverage that understanding to create new metrics of human health, therapeutics, and biotechnologies.”

Unlocking the complexity of proteins to fuel precision medicine

Discover how unlocking the complexity of proteins can radically improve how we identify targets for drug development.

“The wave of precision and personalized medicine is coming soon, fueled by a proteomics revolution. Individuals will feel the benefit of this proteomics revolution in the form of more effective therapies. They’ll think of proteins as drivers of health and not just items listed on cereal boxes.”

Using proteomics to personalize medicine across the continuum of care

To make personalized medicine a reality, look beyond DNA. Find out why proteins – the drivers of our health – are key to unlocking a new era of effective diagnostics and care.

“Proteomics will soon become the gold standard for technologies that make personalized medicine possible for all. Through proteomics, we can establish critical, personalized baseline measures of patient health and associate changes from this baseline with the molecular causes of sickness. This will make it much easier to diagnose ailments, prescribe appropriate treatments, and develop new therapeutics. Advances in proteomics will finally give biologists and physicians the tools they need to probe the depths of protein biology in near real time and make the long-hoped-for era of personalized medicine a reality.”

Check out our animation Unlocking the potential of proteomics to fuel precision medicine   Learn how next-generation proteomics can spur a revolution in precision medicine  

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