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Podcast: Nautilus Founder and Chief Scientist Parag Mallick on “The Proteomics Show”

Nautilus Biotechnology

Nautilus Biotechnology

January 18, 2024

The Proteomics Show podcast logo next to a headshot of Parag Mallick.

Nautilus Founder and Chief Scientist Parag Mallick was recently interviewed on The Proteomics Show podcast as part of their “Oregon Trail” series featuring speakers who will be at US HUPO 2024: Bridging ‘Omics to Function.

Listen to the podcast

Highlights from Parag’s interview on The Proteomics Show:

  • Parag describes his collaborative work making proteomics more open and accessible through the development of ProteoWizard. This work formed a core component of his successful nomination for the 2024 Gilbert S. Omenn Computational Proteomics Award.
  • Parag describes up-and-coming proteomics technologies as the “3rd wave of proteomics” and highlights Nautilus’ role in that wave as we develop a single-molecule proteomics platform capable of measuring the depth and breadth of the proteome at scale.
  • Parag dives into his career path highlighting inspirational moments at space camp, supportive mentors, and multifaceted experiences in computer science, biology, circus arts, magic, and more.
  • Parag tells us why he’s excited about the future of proteomics.

Many thanks to hosts Ben Neely and Ben Orsburn for a great episode!

Check out the Translating Proteomics podcast for more of Parag’s thoughts on proteomics and find Parag’s vision for the future of proteomics here.

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