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Nautilus in the news – Scale Remains Key Challenge for Single-Molecule Protein Technologies

Chris Blessington

Chris Blessington

September 21, 2022

In this Genome Web piece, Adam Bonislawski summarizes recent research showing that single-molecule proteomics technologies must be able to measure many protein molecules in order to achieve comprehensive proteome coverage. Nautilus co-founder and Chief Scientist, Parag Mallick serves as a prominent voice in the article advocating for the benefits of single-molecule analysis in terms of the ability to identify and quantify protein species in ways not previous achievable with technologies like mass spectrometry:

Card featuring a headshot and quote from Nautilus co-founder and chief scientist Parag Mallick: "In [mass spec] low-abundance species are less likely to have peptides ionize, and then when ionized, they generate less ions, which can make for poorer MS/MS spectra that are harder to identify.... In single-molecule methods, abundance and identifiability are decoupled as each molecule is studied independently."

Read the full article here. 

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