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Nautilus in the news – Is this Silicon Valley duo the future of biotech?

Chris Blessington

Chris Blessington

May 9, 2022

In this Endpoints News piece, Jason Mast does a deep-dive into Andreessen Horowitz’ decision to invest in the next generation of biotech. The article describes the major impacts many expect artificial intelligence and machine learning will have on researchers’ ability to engineer biology and make advancements in healthcare. Nautilus is highlighted as a company with “bilingual” founders who bridge computer science and biology to create innovative technologies. Discussing the promise of Nautilus’ technology to comprehensively quantify the proteome at scale and Nautilus co-founder Parag Mallick’s vision, Mast states:

Quote from Is this Silicon Valley duo the future of biotech? The quote reads, "roteins move, fold, refold and disintegrate, so they’ve been far harder to pin down than genes, but if his device works, Mallick envisions it being used across the industry as DNA sequencers are today, to find new cancer targets or to show which patients have a proteome that will help them survive."

Read the full article here. 

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