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A vision for a more reproducible and robust future in the life sciences

Nautilus Biotechnology

Nautilus Biotechnology

June 11, 2024

At US HUPO 2024, Nautilus Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Parag Mallick was presented the 2024 Gilbert S. Omenn Computational Proteomics Award. Upon receiving the award, Parag gave a thoughtful lecture outlining his vision for a future where not just data, but analysis pipelines and infrastructures are ubiquitously shared and explored with AI-supported workflow engines. We were inspired by Parag’s goal to make all life sciences research more reproducible and robust.

You can find a brief snippet that sets the stage for the lecture below. If you’d like to read the full lecture, please click on the download link found on this page and reach out to us to share your thoughts on Parag’s vision.

Lecture Snippet:

Reproducibility and robustness are essential in multiomic studies if we hope to leverage their results for the greatest possible impact. The proteomics field has come a long way in making its datasets available to the broader community. Yet, today I’d like to posit that it is not enough to simply share the data that comes from omics studies, and that we have an opportunity to go much further and accelerate the pace at which important discoveries are made. 

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