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Applications of Proteomics

Animation – Unlocking the potential of proteomics to fuel precision medicine

Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford

October 3, 2023

Genomics research has identified many genetic alterations that lead to disease, and precision medicines targeting these alterations have had great success. Nonetheless, precision medicines are not an effective option for many patients. For cancer in particular, large multi-center studies matching heavily pre-treated patients with genetic alterations to corresponding precision therapies still only show response rates of about 10%. 

To make precision medicines more effective for more people, researchers need to look to the proteome, the complete protein composition of a biological sample, in addition to the genome. It is usually aberrations in proteins – their abundance, their interactions, their modifications – that cause disease phenotypes in real time. It thus makes sense to look directly at proteins through the lens of proteomics to find drug targets and develop novel therapies. 

In this animation, we reveal how next-generation proteomics technologies, like the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform, are designed to revolutionize healthcare by enabling the development of precision medicines tailored to aberrations in the proteome and not just the genome. 

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