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February 2024 round-up of podcasts and interviews featuring the Nautilus Founders

Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford

February 13, 2024

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Below you’ll find brief synopses of podcasts and interviews featuring Nautilus Founders Sujal Patel and Parag Mallick. Check them out to learn more about our founders, the importance of next-generation proteomics, and the exciting challenges surrounding the development of a revolutionary technology like the NautilusTMProteome Analysis Platform.

Touching Base – GEN podcast interviews Nautilus Co-Founders Sujal Patel and Parag Mallick

The team at the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN) podcast, “Touching Base,” recently interviewed Nautilus Co-Founders Sujal Patel and Parag Mallick. Their discussion covers the origins of Nautilus (both the name itself and the company), the technology underpinning the Nautilus Platform, and the future of proteomics.

Listen to the podcast.

Nature methods – Inside the chase after those elusive proteoforms

In this in-depth piece on the rising recognition of the importance of proteoforms and the technologies used to identify and analyze them, Vivian Marx extensively quotes Nautilus Co-Founder Parag Mallick. Parag points to the huge importance of proteoforms and describes the complementary role next-generation proteomics platforms can play alongside more traditional platforms in the elucidation of proteoform biology.

Read the article.

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Nautilus Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Parag Mallick interviewed on The Proteomics Show podcast

On the tail of wining the 2024 US HUPO Gilbert S. Omenn Computation Proteomics Award, Parag chatted with Ben Orsburn and Ben Neely for the Proteomics Show podcast as part of their series of interviews with speakers at US HUPO 2024. They discuss Parag’s ground-breaking collaborative work in computational proteomics, his inspiring career path, and his life as a professional magician.

Listen to the podcast.

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Longevity.Technology – Will proteomics provide the answers to aging and longevity?

In this interview with Longevity.Technology, Nautilus Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Parag Mallick contrasts the dynamic proteome with the static genome and describes how accessible, next-generation proteomics technologies like the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform could help us understand aging.

Read the interview.

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GeekWire interview with Nautilus Co-Founder and CEO Sujal Patel

GeekWire, an outlet covering the Pacific Northwest Entrepreneurial scene, recently interviewed Nautilus Co-Founder and CEO Sujal Patel. Sujal, who previously founded and successfully led the data storage company Isilon Systems through its successful acquisition in 2012, describes how he takes on the complex challenges facing a scrappy start-up and discusses how he thinks about bringing a revolutionary technology like the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform to market.

Read the interview.

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