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Podcast, video, and interview round-up featuring the Nautilus Founders

Gracie Murphy

Gracie Murphy

March 14, 2023

Sujal Patel and Parag Mallick founded Nautilus Biotechnology to revolutionize biomedicine by unlocking the power of the proteome.  As the Nautilus platform shifts from a theoretical idea to a commercial product, learn how the founders believe the proteomics revolution will drastically alter research, healthcare, and other aspects of science.

This post includes several interviews with the founders and should give you a sense of their vision for the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform, company culture, and the world of science in general.

Hear Sujal and Parag speak with BIOS as part of their Builders series

Image featuring photos of Sujal Patel and Parag Mallick for the Bios Builders Podcast.

In February 2022, Parag and Sujal sat down (virtually) with BIOS to discuss how Sujal’s business acumen and Parag’s scientific expertise contribute to the development and success of both Nautilus’ technology and the company itself.

Sujal discusses current barriers to proteomics with Bloomberg Technology

Image featuring Sujal Patel in interview with Bloomberg Technology.

In a quick interview with Bloomberg Technology, Sujal describes Nautilus’s new platform and how this technology may drastically improve the scope of proteome coverage. The Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform is designed to comprehensively cover 95% of the proteome and will potentially  pave the way for breakthroughs in therapeutic research and development.

Listen to Parag describe the Intersection between computer science and biology with the team at the Science in Society Podcast

Cover art for the "Science in Society" podcast

Parag joins Drew and Liv, two graduate students early in their scientific careers, to discuss how his academic background spanning computer science and biochemistry shaped his career. He also addresses ways in which the Nautilus platform could reshape everyday research and medicine.

Parag reveals how a magician’s perspective can benefit science in Vanish Magazine

Image featuring Parag Mallick on the cover of "Vanish" magazine

Few scientists can claim to have been featured in Vanish, the international magic magazine. Parag, scientist by day, magician by night, used the opportunity to explore the interconnection between science and magic and uncover how our perceptions create cognitive gaps in how we see the world. These holes in our perception are the key to a magician’s tricks, but they can drastically limit scientific progress, making identification of cognitive gaps a point of interest for magicians and scientists alike.

Sujal joins other leaders in biotechnology to address implications of the current economic environment

Photo of a laboratory

While there is plenty of uncertainty in the air, in an interview with Geek Wire, Sujal offers some words of optimism regarding company strategy and acquisition of new talent during 2023. The growth of Nautilus’ platform will continue to require efficient spending, but Sujal plans to leverage the high quality applicant pool to increase the overall experience and strength of the company.

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