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Webinar – Expanding Proteomic Horizons with Single-Molecule Proteome and Proteoform Analysis

Jamie Rose Kuhar

Jamie Rose Kuhar

March 26, 2024


Single-molecule protein analysis is key to enabling a wide range of advancements in proteomics including increased sensitivity, reproducibility, and scale. We are building the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform to deliver comprehensive coverage of the proteome, including resolution of proteoforms.

Toward this end, we have built novel biochemistry for single, intact protein molecule immobilization, instrumentation for highly sensitive iterative probing of those protein molecules with a diverse range of affinity-reagents, and machine learning for data interpretation. Simulations using multi-affinity probes that bind short (2-4 amino acid) epitopes show that the accumulated information from multiple rounds of detection enables identification of more than 95% of the human proteome with just 300 probes.

View our webinar for a walkthrough of our technology and a deep dive into the latest data we presented at US HUPO 2024. The data demonstrates protein quantification using Protein Identification by Short-epitope Mapping (PrISM) and showcases early platform performance that will pave the way to conquering the proteome. Additionally, we share data illustrating how the platform can quantify highly modified proteoforms such as tau using standard, commercially-available affinity reagents. Combined, these data demonstrate the incredible power of our single-molecule analysis platform and its potential to impact biological research and human health.

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