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Introducing Nautilus tech notes

Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford

June 29, 2023

Our teams are working incredibly hard every day to develop the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform. To provide you with a glimpse at the science behind our technology, we’ve drafted our first two tech notes and invite you to access them below. We you hope you can use these tech notes to quickly get up-to-speed on some of the powerful and creative advances underlying our platform.

Hyper-dense single-molecule protein arrays for proteomics at scale

The sheer scale of the proteome makes it difficult to comprehensively analyze with single-molecule resolution. Most emerging technologies aiming to analyze proteins at the single-molecule level cannot cover the wide dynamic range of the proteome, which limits the number of proteins that can be observed in a single sample. Low abundance proteins will be drowned-out by abundant proteins. To solve this issue on the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform, we set out to create arrays with billions of landing pads that each isolate a single protein molecule. Learn how we create these arrays here.

PrISM – A novel method for single-molecule protein identification and quantification at scale

There have been major advances in the field of proteomics and particularly in the use of mass spectrometry to identify and quantify thousands of proteins in the proteome. Despite these advances, researchers can still only routinely measure 8 to 35% of the proteome. Current technologies still have difficulty quantifying proteins across the wide dynamic range of the whole proteome which can span more than 10 orders of magnitude. Here we describe a method to measure substantively all of the proteome using a technique called Protein Identification by Short Epitope Mapping (PrISM).

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