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Advantages of the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform – Accessibility

Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford

January 31, 2024

Image portraying one of the key advantages of the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform - Accessibility. The graphic contains a representation of the Nautilus Platform, an icon representing "Accessibility," and reads, "Sample pre-processing not required. Minimal hands-on time. Proteome quantification through single-molecule protein counts. Ready-made software for data visualization."

We’re driven to make it possible for anyone who wants a proteome to get a proteome. In other words, to democratize proteomics. To achieve this goal, we’ve designed the NautilusTM Proteome Analysis Platform to be as accessible as possible. Below we cover key characteristics designed to make our platform accessible to all researchers.

Key characteristics designed to make the NautilusTM Platform accessible

Pre-processing not required for comprehensive proteome coverage

To achieve comprehensive proteome coverage on many platforms, samples must be fractionated or heavily pre-processed in some way. By contrast, the Nautilus Platform is designed to provide comprehensive proteome coverage out of the box without the need for complex sample pre-processing or substantial tweaking of instrument parameters. Pre-configured kits and instrument automation limit both the amount of biochemical know-how required to prepare protein libraries and the hands-on experimenter time required to run the instrument. You won’t need to be a proteomics expert to generate comprehensive, high-quality data with our platform. 

Proteome quantification through digital protein counts

The data generated from our platform consists of easy-to-understand digital counts of single-molecule proteins. Thus, there is limited need for complex analysis of instrument outputs. Researchers will be liberated from the work of manually inspecting complex spectra or other readouts to get to final results and will instead get an easy-to-understand list of protein counts that can be analyzed directly for biological insights.

Ready-made software for data visualization

The Nautilus Platform will come with a software suite capable of converting protein counts into data visualizations that make it easy to discern significant differences between samples, and thus the biology of the system. This software will make it faster and easier for researchers to generate meaningful insights from their proteomic data.

Benefits of democratizing the proteome through the NautilusTM Platform

From sample preparation to insight generation, it is our goal to make the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform broadly accessible. We hope this will open the proteome to researchers with diverse kinds of expertise and thus drive more discoveries in basic biology, drug development, and much more. 

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