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The Nautilus First Access Challenge – Entries close Friday Feb 10th, 2023

Grant Napier

Grant Napier

January 19, 2023

What would you do if you could comprehensively analyze the proteome?

It is our goal to revolutionize biomedical research by unlocking the complexity of the proteome and making it easier to do proteomics research. We’re offering researchers anywhere in the world the opportunity to be the first to test up to 12 biological samples on the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform through our First Access Challenge.

Our Platform uses a technology called Protein Identification by Short-epitope Mapping (PrISM) that enables exploration of novel single-molecule protein content in biological samples. In PrISM, we make use of novel multi-affinity probes that bind to short sequences of amino acids with high affinity and low specificity. These probes stochastically bind many different proteins. If one added just a few of them to a sample and monitored binding, they would not identify any individual proteins with confidence. Instead, we monitor how hundreds of these multi-affinity probes bind to individual proteins at the single-molecule level. This generates binding patterns for each protein molecule and the patterns are decoded by machine learning algorithms to determine protein identity. We then count the number of times individual proteins are identified to determine their abundance and we do this all without the need for reagents that target specific proteins.

To enter the First Access Challenge and get a chance to gain unprecedented access to the proteome through the power of PrISM, you simply:

  • Submit a short project abstract detailing a 12-sample proteomics experiment using PrISM
  • Include a short description of the scientific impact you expect to make with novel single-molecule proteomic data generated with PrISM
  • Complete the brief questionnaire on the First Access Challenge webpage

This is an opportunity for you to stand the chance of being one of the first researchers to achieve deep proteome analysis with the power of PrISM. We encourage you to be creative in your applications and leverage your new-found knowledge for impact that reaches across fields. As Nautilus Chief Scientist Parag Mallick said in our recent press release announcing the challenge:


Headshot of Parag Mallick and a quote from him covering Nautilus’ First Access Challenge.


Submissions will be evaluated by the Nautilus team for their potential scientific impact, and three winning proposals will be announced at the US HUPO 2023 Conference, which will be held in Chicago, IL on March 4th-8th, 2023. 

The winners will be able to finalize their experiments with our R&D Scientists prior to shipping samples to Nautilus in San Carlos, California for analysis on the Nautilus Proteome Analysis Platform.  

Once analysis is complete, we will provide an easy-to-interpret final report of the data and reimbursement for travel expenses incurred when the winners present their interesting Nautilus data at a mutually agreed upon conference. We will also assist the winners in writing and submitting their Nautilus data to peer reviewed scientific journals.

Submissions are due online by Friday Feb 10th, 2023. 


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