About Nautilus

Nautilus is a biotechnology company founded in 2016 and based in San Carlos, CA and Seattle, WA.

Born from the founders’ recognition that their diverse but complementary skills and experiences would enable them to successfully address challenges that others had not, the company set about solving a vexing problem: how to bring true proteomics to the world in a way that accelerates therapeutic development, dramatically improves medical diagnostics, and makes personalized and predictive medicine a reality.

The extraordinary team at Nautilus represents a wide spectrum of disciplines and expertise, including: protein chemists, chip designers, molecular biologists, data scientists, material scientists, biophysicists, optical engineers, microfluidics engineers, bioinformaticists, software engineers, and more.

At Nautilus, we firmly believe that audacious challenges can only be overcome by people and organizations that act boldly and with clear intention; thus, we are Pioneers, we are Risk Takers, and we act with Courage.

The Problem We Saw

Simply put, the world is not well-served by the existing technologies for broadscale proteomics. They are slow, expensive, incomplete, and lack the sensitivity to deliver deep and meaningful insight into biological processes. Proteomics has not evolved to deliver on the needs of the scientific and pharmaceutical R&D communities.

The Way We Are Solving It

With the goal of reimagining proteomics such that it can serve as the foundation for improving the health of millions of people across the globe, Nautilus’ first-generation platform will deliver superior sensitivity far more quickly, more completely, and less expensively than is currently possible. In doing so, it will make possible the transformation of drug discovery, the reality of personalized/precision medicine, and the expansion of what’s possible for basic biological research.

The platform is the result of non-obvious and patent-protected science, and is based on the integration of a number of key disciplines:

Life science microscope

Life Science

Physical Science displaying Flow Cell

Physical Sciences & Engineering

Computer and Data Science

Computer & Data Science

Initial implementation of the platform will enable strategic partners and a range of other customers to dramatically decrease the time and cost required to undertake breakthrough drug development and related R&D initiatives. To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us at partners@nautilus.bio.

The Team

Nautilus’ founding team possesses a unique, interdisciplinary combination of biology, chemistry, computer science, and business experience.

Sujal Patel, Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO

Sujal Patel

Dr. Parag Mallick, Founder & Chief Scientist
Founder & Chief Scientist

Parag Mallick, PhD

Sujal Patel, Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Sujal Patel

Sujal Patel is a successful technology entrepreneur and executive who founded and served as CEO of Isilon Systems, an enterprise data storage company. In 2006, Isilon completed one of the most successful initial public offerings of the year. Isilon was acquired by EMC in 2010 for $2.6 Billion, the largest acquisition in EMC’s history. Sujal served as the President of EMC’s Isilon Storage Division from the acquisition until 2012, driving significant revenue growth, market expansion and organizational scale. He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park in 1996 with a degree in Computer Science.

Dr. Parag Mallick, Founder & Chief Scientist

Founder & Chief Scientist

Parag Mallick, PhD

Dr. Parag Mallick is an Associate Professor at Stanford University, and an interdisciplinary scientist, who has developed multi-scale approaches to accelerate the discovery of diagnostic and prognostic protein biomarkers. Parag trained with pioneering researcher Ruedi Aebersold in clinical proteomics and systems biology at the Institute for Systems Biology. Parag holds BS degrees in Computer Science & Biochemistry and a PhD in Chemistry & Biochemistry from UCLA. He has over 75 publications and holds patents in the fields of artificial intelligence, proteomics technology, biomarker development, and nanotechnology.

Ruedi Aebersold, PhD
Professor of Systems Biology
Institute of Molecular Systems Biology in ETH Zurich (IMSB)

  • Pioneer in the field ​of proteomics​
  • Co-founder of several companies and head of the biology/disease branch of ​the human proteome project


Lee Hartwell, PhD
President and Director Emeritus
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center​

  • Discovered protein ​molecules that control ​the division of cells​
  • 2001 Co-recipient ​Nobel Prize in ​Physiology and Medicine


Joshua LaBaer, ​MD, PhD
Executive Director
Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University​

  • Leading researcher in cancer and personalized medicine​
  • Inventor of the novel protein microarray technology, ​Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Array (NAPPA), ​which has been used widely ​for biomedical research

Parag Mallick, PhD
Founder, Chief Scientist


Stuart Nagae
Director, Vulcan Capital


Farzad Nazem
Angel Investor, Former EVP Engineering & CTO, Yahoo


Vijay Pande, PhD
General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz


Sujal Patel
Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Matthew Posard
Founding Principal, Explore DNA; Former SVP & Head of Sales, Illumina

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